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Screw Extractor Set (Black/Silver)
A power sprayer is an essential tool for agriculture that helps in the application of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. It is a time-saving and efficient method of applying the solutions on crops, fruits, and vegetables, saving the farmer both time and energy. The main function of a sprayer is to break the liquid into droplets of effective size and distribute them uniformly over the surface or space to be protected. Another function is to regulate the amount of insecticide to avoid excessive application that might prove harmful or wasteful.
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Japan Hand Tap set 3pcs
HT-12 Heavy Duty 1/2" Hand Tap (Silver)
HT-14 Heavy Duty 1/4" Hand Tap (Silver)
HT-316 Heavy Duty 3/16" Hand Tap (Silver)
HT-38 Heavy Duty 3/8" Hand Tap (Silver)
HT-516 Heavy Duty 5/16" Hand Tap (Silver)
HT-58 Heavy Duty 5/8" Hand Tap (Silver)
HT-716 Heavy Duty 7/16" Hand Tap (Silver)
HT-916 Heavy Duty 9/16" Hand Tap (Silver)
HT-M10 Heavy Duty 10mm Hand Tap (Silver)
HT-M12 Heavy Duty 12mm Hand Tap (Silver)
HT-M14 Heavy Duty 14mm Hand Tap (Silver)
HT-M16 Heavy Duty 16mm Hand Tap (Silver)
HT-M6 Heavy Duty 6mm Hand Tap (Silver)
HT-M8 Heavy Duty 8mm Hand Tap (Silver)
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