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Clamp & Vises

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C-Mart B0003-8 is a useful product in clamping objects firmly and not easily slipping, widely used in carpentry, sculpture, glass making workshops.... With the effect of keeping objects closer together, C-Mart B0003-8 helps you easily work without worrying about slipping. C-Mart B0003-8 is quite small and compact, can be easily used flexibly and takes up little space... Made of sturdy high-quality alloy material, C-Mart B0003-8 is resistant to heat, force, and strong impacts without being affected or deformed. C-Mart B0003-8 is highly resistant to rust and has a long lifespan when working in appropriate environments.
Locking C-Clamp Grip DLC-275
Heavy Duty Bench Vise
6000C Digital Clamp Meter
F Clamp
F Clamp
F Clamp
F Clamp
F Clamp
F Clamp
F Clamp
Magnetic Ground Clamp 500A
₱552.50 ₱650.00
C-Clamp 150MM/6
Bench Vise 4''
Bench yoke vise
₱15,290.00 ₱27,800.00
Portable tristand vise
₱56,210.00 ₱102,200.00
Portable tristand vise
₱36,465.00 ₱66,300.00
Top screw bench chain vise
₱18,810.00 ₱34,200.00
TPT-30014-18 Heavy Duty 18” Locking C-Clamp Vise Grip Pliers (Silver)
Chain Clamp Vise Grip TP-2110
CT-102-SV10 Heavy Duty Swivel Vise with Anvil (Black/Silver)
CT-102-SV12 Heavy Duty Swivel Vise with Anvil (Black/Silver)
CT-102-SV3 Heavy Duty Swivel Vise with Anvil (Black/Silver)
CT-102-SV4 Heavy Duty Swivel Vise with Anvil (Black/Silver)
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