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Hand & Socket Wrenches

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12-Piece Socket Wrench Set
12pt Regular Sockets
18-Piece Socket Set
26-Piece Socket Set
26-Piece Socket Set
32-Piece Socket Set
32-Piece Socket Set
1/2" Drive 12PT Socket
1/2" Drive 6PT Deep Impact Socket
1/2" Drive 6PT Deep Socket
1/2" Drive 6PT Impact Socket Black Finish
1/2" Drive 6PT Socket B
3/4" Drive 6PT Impact Socket
Socket Set 26pcs ( Metal Case with Handle Orange Color)
C-Mart K0027A 36-piece screwdriver and tube set
C-Mart K0032 57-piece screwdriver and tube set
Material: CR-V steel is hard, light, heat resistant, good tensile strength, high elasticity, corrosion and abrasion resistant. Mechanism of 2 12-tooth one-way rotating ratchet wheels with reversing, can mount many different sizes. The mouth ring automatically locks one way, helping the user not need to lift the wrench after each turning operation. The wrench is tilted at a 15 degree angle, creating space for rotation. Easily open 12-point nuts, hexagons, star hexagons, grooves, broken bolts, square sizes 14 and 19. There are 9 separate hexagon heads (8-17mm), 1 18mm hexagon socket head, screw bit adapter, and 36 screwdriver heads. Hexagonal wrench, easy to replace accessories from the outside. There is a detailed numbered plastic box, easy to check to avoid loss. Compact, lightweight, easy to carry and use. Suitable for home tool sets, mechanics, vehicle repair technicians
Impact Socket - Metric Size
Impact Socket - Metric Size
1" Dive 12 Point Socket Wrench - Metric Size
1" Drive 8 Pcs. Deep Impact Socket Set
1" Drive 9 Pcs. Impact Socket Set
1" Socket Wrench - Inches Size
1" Socket Wrench
1" Socket Wrench
1/2 DR. Deep Impact Socket Set 13 Pcs.
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