Mechanical Tools

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18-Piece Tool Kit K0002

18-Piece Tool Kit

19-Piece Electronic Tool Kit K0003

19-Piece Electronic Tool Kit

21-Piece Auto-use Repair K0006

21-Piece Auto-use Repair

40 Piece Tap And Die Set-metric And Unc A1012

40 Piece Tap And Die Set-metric And Unc

42-Piece Electricians Tool Kit K0004

42-Piece Electricians Tool Kit

59-Piece Electrician's Tool Kit K0005

59-Piece Electrician's Tool Kit

8-Piece Tool Kit K0001

8-Piece Tool Kit

Asian First Brand CT-122 Ratchet Wrench

CT-122 Ratchet Wrench

Daiken Loose Box Wrench DBW1012

Loose Box Wrench DBW1012

Daiken Loose Box Wrench DBW1113

Loose Box Wrench DBW1113

Daiken Loose Box Wrench DBW1214

Loose Box Wrench DBW1214

Daiken Loose Box Wrench DBW1417

Loose Box Wrench DBW1417

Daiken Loose Box Wrench DBW1719

Loose Box Wrench DBW1719

Daiken Loose Box Wrench DBW1921

Loose Box Wrench DBW1921

Daiken Loose Box Wrench DBW67

Loose Box Wrench DBW67

Daiken Loose Box Wrench DBW89

Loose Box Wrench DBW89

Daiken Loose Combination Wrench DLCW-27

Loose Combination Wrench DLCW-27

Daiken Loose Combination Wrench DLCW-30

Loose Combination Wrench DLCW-30

Daiken Loose Combination Wrench DLCW-32

Loose Combination Wrench DLCW-32

Dewalt Blower

₱5,754.00 ₱4,603.20

Dewalt Cordless Hammer Drill Driver DCD796M2-B1

18V Brushless Li-Ion Hammer Drill Driver 2 4.0Ah Batteries
₱22,491.00 ₱17,992.80

Dewalt Demilition Hammer D25901K-B1

1550W 10Kg SDS Max Demolition Hammer
₱61,586.00 ₱49,268.80

Dewalt Demolition Hammer D25811K-B1

1050W 5Kg Hex Demolition Hammer
₱31,559.00 ₱25,247.20

Dewalt Demolition Hammer D25899K-B1

1500W 10Kg SDS Max Demolition Hammer
₱52,850.00 ₱42,280.00

Dewalt Demolition Hammer D25981K-B1

2100W 30Kg 28mm Hex Pavement Breaker with Trolley
₱128,610.00 ₱102,888.00

Dewalt Die Grinder DWE886P-B1

400W 6mm Die Grinder (Paddle Switch)
₱10,319.00 ₱8,255.20

Dewalt Drywall Srewgun DW274-QS

540W Drywall Screwgun
₱16,968.00 ₱13,574.40